Are you a Satanic innovator or thought leader?

satanic social network groupWe are delighted to welcome over 550 new brothers since we reopened a month ago.

Our site mission is to create a community resource where we can all connect, share and grow.

To help us achieve this goal we invite you to get involved.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Take ownership of a group, and lead the conversation.

We have several groups on GSB. They can be public, private or secret. If there is a group you would like to be an admin of, let Volac know. Don’t see a group that fits your niche, feel free to create one. Groups can be topic or regionally based.

2. Volunteer to be a mentor.

You don't have to be an adept to be a mentor, just a few steps ahead of the novice you mentor.  Join the mentors group and contact dutchsatanist for more information.

3.  Become a chat moderator.

Chat moderators are there to ensure the site stays safe and legal, and to ensure everybody gets an inclusive warm welcome. If you are interested, let Volac know.

4. Join the conversation in the forums

We already have a rich library of resources in the forums. Feel free to upload new material. If you need a new thread created, Volac is the Demon to talk to.

5.  Consider upgrading.

If you don’t want to take a lead, but enjoy the site anyway, consider upgrading, even just for a month. Your contributions mean we can build the site and advertise it more broadly, and are always warmly welcomed.

The new Gay Satanic era has arrived … let’s build it together …

Ave Satanas


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