Black Magic in Gay Satanism.

Black Magic in Gay SatanismMagic is the art and science of manifesting your will.

We are all magicians, whether we know it or not, as we all use psychological and emotional tools to create the world we want.

Prayer and meditation, for example, are common forms of Right Hand Path magical practices.

There really is no distinction between white and black magic.

All attempts to control our reality have moral implications.

If I pray to the Christian God that I win the lottery, and I do, it maybe good for me, but bad for the person who would have won if I had not intervened.

Christians might not want to admit it, but they routinely engage in black magic for these reasons.

Satanic Black Magic has a long and convoluted history. Black Magicians draw on all the traditional and Shamanic practices from cultures all around the world.

For me, I use sexual energy a lot in the magic I perform.

Doing so in the context of a Coven is even more powerful, and of course, much more fun!

Black Magic in Gay Satanism