Satanism and bareback sex in the gay community.

bareback satanic sex in the gay community

Bareback sex is becoming more prevalent in the gay and bisexual community. The improvements in treatments, PrEP and the reduced risk of passing on the infection, are no doubt a prime mover in this direction.

In the Satanic gay and bisexual community, there can sometimes seem like a lot of pressure to have bareback sex. It is fun after all!

However, remember what I said in a previous post: as a Satanist you are responsible for yourself. This includes what you do with your body, and the risks of infection you expose yourself to.

I know many successful Satanists that only practice safer sex.

If that is your choice, enforce it!

If you choose to take risks or ‘bug chase’, then I’m sure you know you don’t need Satan’s permission to do so, you’ve already made your decision.

In Satanic ritual, the power of sexuality and the potency of the sacrifice you make are not necessarily enhanced by having bareback sex. In other words, there is no Satanic reason for having bareback sex.

With bareback sex as with ‘chem sex’ – the Satanic message is the same. You are responsible for your own behavior, and the consequences of it.

But whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy the decision you make!


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