‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ in gay Satanism.

‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ in gay Satanism.

Spiritual world views are often divided between Right Hand Paths, which pursue transcendence through purity and submission, and Left Hand Paths, which pursue transcendence through taking responsibility for our life, and accepting our humanity in full, and working with it.

This is the basis of the Christian myth about Lucifer being ejected by God from Heaven. His 'sin' was the arrogance to think He could be responsible for Himself, and make better judgments for Himself than the so-called creator god.

Good and Evil are therefore a Christian fiction. Its suits the Christian elite to oppress us with our own natures! It gives them power and control over us ... but only if we let them!

A more helpful distinction to make is between effective and ineffective thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

A similar way to look at this can be borrowed from Buddhism.

Buddhists talk about skilled and unskilled behavior.

Effective/ineffective or skilled/unskilled seem much more healthy distinction, in my opinion.  We all make mistakes, but to call such mistakes 'evil' is simply unhelpful.

This reiterates the importance of keeping a grimoire (a kind of diary) so you can keep track of what you are doing that works, and equally what you are doing that doesn’t.

Lets think this through by way of an example.

Killing your teacher might be what you really feel like doing right now, but if you really do it, the jail time you might serve is a highly ineffective way to empower your life.  Killing your teacher would therefore be an unskilled behaviour.

A more effective way might be to plan a revenge ritual, where you bring down the Demons of Hell to destroy her life, and make her life miserable!

When I have gone through this process, I find it very therapeutic, and rarely actually do the ritual I planned!

So you may feel like killing the teacher. The question is what an effective and skillful response to that feeling is.

Satan and satanists don't judge you for feeling the way you do, but Satanism offers you tools to respond in a more creative way.

‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ in gay Satanism.