How can I find gay Satanists?

how to find gay satanists

Over the last few years it has become much easier to find gay and bisexual Satanic men.

With social media there are tens of thousand of men with '666' or 'Satan' in their profile names across many platform including twitter, tumblr, instagram and others.

What I personally find really difficult, and time consuming, is separating those people who are just being provocative in their use of a user name to impress their friends, and those who are actually Satanists.

The mainstream ‘straight’ Satanic organizations also do little to help gay and bisexual Satanists network. Besides gay and bisexual men want to worship and practice Black Magic with their own tastes in mind. Something the straight Satanic groups simply cannot cater for.

We need our own platform. And you have found it!

how to find other gay satanists