How to worship Satan.

How to worship SatanWhen you worship Satan or His Demons, you invite them into your presence and awareness.

As you know, this can be incredibly sexually arousing.

If you can get over the sexual side, you might try just sitting with the Satanic or Demonic presence. Even have conversations with the entities, either out loud or in your head.

Much can be learnt through Satanic meditation.

As part of the worship, it is customery to offer a sacrifice to Satan, particularly if you have asked for His advice or guidance.

At the end or the worship or meditation, it is appropriate to thank Satan and/or His Demons, and invite them to depart back to Hell.

This is the single biggest mistake I see men make. Its an understandable mistake, once the worship is over, they lose interest, and simply move on to other things.

The trouble here is that having been invoked, but not banished, the Satanic or Demonic entity may hang around.

They might see your failure to banish them, and therefore be in control of them, as a weakness.

You have given them a portal, which you have recklessly left open. Sometimes the entities will use it to cause mischief.

We are not dealing with a benevolent God here with your best interests at heart. You must control the process at all stages for your own safety.

Effectively bringing a ritual to an end, at a time of your choosing, is essential.

For paid members of Gay Satanic Brotherhood, a weekly video course is available that takes you through the basics of Satanic meditation and worship.

How to worship Satan