I am drawn to the Darkness, what should I do?

I am drawn to the Darkness, what should I do?One theme that often occurs in my conversations with gay and bisexual Satanists is that they feel drawn to Satanism. They experience it almost like a pull.

They say things like:

I feel drawn to the Darkness

I feel He is calling me

I can’t get Satan out of my head

I need to serve Him

For some men this is a new, and often scary development. Others, like myself, felt the pull of Satan from childhood.

You need to know that this is normal.

Most Satanists would say they were called by Satan, rather than chose it rationally from a set of alternatives.

You also need to know that resistance is normal too.

Satanism is a taboo subject for many, and you may not be ready yet to see your Darkness within yourself.

For me I dipped in and out of Left and Right Hand paths for many years. But I was always drawn back to Satan, and what He represents to me.

In the end I realized further resistance was futile. It was then that I got busy networking and seriously reading and practicing.

In the end I learnt the only thing I scared of was myself!


I am drawn to the Darkness, what should I do?You have a choice.

If you feel psychologically resilient and sufficiently resourced, I suggest you take the plunge.

Join a group like Gay Satanic Brotherhood and start experimenting with worship and meet other gay and bisexual men on the path to Him,

If you are vulnerable right now, I suggest you take some time to build your psychological health and return when you feel stronger.

The reason for this is a deep dive in to the Darkness of your soul can be a bumpy ride.  I wouldn't want you to be another Satanic mental health or drug abuse casualty.

Whatever you decide to do, take full responsibility for the decision you make!