Is Satanism a cult or a religion?

is satanism a cult or a religionFor me, a religion is an organization that robs you of your spirituality, and sells you an impoverished version at a profit.

Central to religious organizations is a received dogma that you are required to believe in, and a hierarchy of ‘clergy’ who have power over the organization, its activities, and its lay worshippers.

Satanism expects you to take responsibility for yourself, your worldview, and the practices that work for you.

There is no hierarchy, creed or dogma you have to believe in or submit to.

There are of course Brothers with more experience than you. Sometimes they refer to themselves as Adepts, or even as a Magus (a High Priest in Satanism).

Consulting these people is, of course, extremely valuable, but the responsibility for your progress should always remain with you.

A cult is a religious organization founded around the charismatic leadership of one person.

Cults can be found all over the world, both inside and outside orthodox religious structures. Their harmful effects have been well documented.

Satanism expects you to take responsibility for yourself, and for you to find your own path.

A Satanic cult is therefore a contradiction in terms!

Now having said all of this, I am not naïve.

It is human nature to search out more experienced people then us. Furthermore, experienced people tend to enjoy the power of officiating over the inexperienced.

Satanism is not immune from religious or cult like structures. Indeed there are many of these so-called ‘Satanic’ organizations to choose from. Some are relatively benign; some are simply rip of outfits, others are more like religious orders or cults.

My advice is to stay away from anybody who expects you to believe their dogma in order to be initiated to their order, coven or society.

I don’t expect you to believe anything I say. I simply offer it as my experience and view. I want you to find your own way, one that that works and empowers your own life.

You have struggled to gain your spiritual freedom, why chain yourself up again!

Be yourself … everybody else is taken!

is satanism a cult or a religion