Is Satanism incompatible with spiritual enlightenment?

satanic-enlightenment-gay-satanic-brotherhoodIn the previous post I explored the nature of enlightenment. In this post I ask if Satanism is incompatible with spiritual enlightenment?

For most of us, what draws us to Satanism, is the pull of The Darkness.

Some of us experience this as Darkness within, some as Darkness in the world, and some, as Darkness in both.

At first reading, if it’s the Darkness that is the pull, how can Satanism result in enlightenment?

The answer to this is that Satanism honors the Darkness, celebrates it, and we own our shadow self with pride.

This contrasts with Right Hand Path religions, which are ashamed of the Darkness, see it as something to be overcome, and therefore in need of repression. Certainly not to be talked about at Church coffee mornings!

We see the implications of this view all the time, not least in the Catholic Church.

For simple political, rather than theological reasons, Catholic Priests were forbidden from marriage in 1139. Without an outlet for their natural sexual urges, some Catholic Priests, unable to repress their urges sufficiently, turned their sexual attentions to their congregation, particularly the most vulnerable members.

As an Anglican Priest once said to me, “ if you don’t fuck your wife, you fuck the Church!”

satanic-non-judgementPut simply, by exploring the depths of our Darkness, we gain understanding of it, and therefore power over it, and can use it to our advantage.

It is in this spirit that there is an unstated rule that Satanists do not judge each other.

If we can’t talk to other Satanists openly about what lurks deep in our souls, who can we talk to about it?

By gaining mastery of our Dark side, this, paradoxically, gives us more freedom to love with abundance.


Alistair Crowley is often quoted by occultists in his ‘Book of the Law’ when he saiddo-what-though-wilt

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”.

This, however, is only a partial quote. What he actually said was this:

“Do what thy wilt shall be the whole of the Law
Love is the Law, love under will.”

It is interesting that Crowley’s fans and detractors alike often miss out the second part, and it has important implications for Satanic morality.


The takeaway from this post, however, is clear:

Satanism, by welcoming our Dark and Evil side as valued parts of ourselves, may actually speed up spiritual growth, and ultimately enlightenment, for many practitioners.