LaVey Satanism and the gay community.

anton LaVey Gay Satanic BrotherhoodAnton LaVey was an occultist working in the 1960’s and 1970’s, whose system of thought is best explored in his book, The Satanic Bible.

LaVey was an atheistic Satanist, and as such, believed Satan only existed in the mind of the Satanist.

For LaVey, Satan was not ‘real’, in that he did not believe in a supernatural being called Satan, that exists in the world.

For LaVey, Satan was an archetype. A cultural myth that lies deep in the collective unconscious, particularly in Christian societies.

LaVey wanted to recruit, own and empower the archetype of Satan, and His Demons.  He believed if he could do so, he might empower his life, and transform his reality with ritual Black Magic.


LaVey is perhaps best known for his 9 Satanic Statements:

9 Satanic Statements by Anton LaVey Gay Satanic Brotherhood

These statements were controversial when he wrote them in The Satanic Bible, and still remain so today, even amongst Satanists.

It might be worth reading through them and forming your own view. Do you agree with them?


LaVey and the Gay Community.

From a gay and bisexual Satanists point of view, LaVey was positively pro sexuality in all its forms: gay, straight or perverse.  He encourages us to embrace our sexuality and 'base' desires, and celebrate in full the gift of humanity, and all it has to offer.

Not surprisingly, LaVey found many followers in the gay and bisexual community.  Indeed he still does so today.


Anton LaVey, whether you follow his philosophy or not, did Satanism a huge service. He was a charismatic and charming man who courted a lot of publicity and moral outrage. He did more than any other person to bring Satanism out of the shadows, and into the popular culture. For that we owe him a great debt of gratitude.

I strongly recommend you read The Satanic Bible, particularly if you are new to Satanism. It’s always a good place to start your exploration of what is right for you.

You can download The Satanic Bible free from this site below:

The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey free download pdf