Gay Satanic Brotherhood is a great place to be a novice!

On this page you will find some resources to get you started on your Satanic journey.


The Satanic Basics Blog

If you are new to Satanism, read through the Satanic Basics Blog.  This gives you a quick overview of Satanism and the LGBT community. Twenty-five compact articles cover everything from the main types of Satanism to what you can expect from a Satanic Initiation.  A must read for anybody new!

Novices Chat

Every Sunday, at 5 PM EST / 10 PM UK Time, Satanicacultas leads novices in his ever popular exploration of the Satanic ABC's.  Hang out, have your say, and meet the new Brothers.  Navigate to the Novices Chat Page from the left sidebar.

Satanic Mentors Group

Check out the Satanic Mentors Group, lead by dutchsatanist, and find someone to guide you through the process of Satanic unfolding.

Satanic Novices Group

Check out the Satanic Novices Group.  Let the other novices know you have arrived on the site, join the conversation, and start making those important first connections.

Satanic Novices Forum

We have a great Forum at Gay Satanic Brotherhood!  It is well worth going through the information posted by Brothers.  The Gay Satanic Novices forum is particularly aimed at novices, and worth keeping an eye on.  Feel free to join in the conversation.

Satanic Initiation Course

The 32 Lesson Satanic Initiation Course gives you the essential knowledge, skills, meditation and shamanic journeying to help you become a Satanic Adept in the quickest time possible (Premium Members only, manifesting from March 20th, 2018).