Satanism and Anarchy.

Satan and AnarchyOne thing that’s frustrates me about the online narrative in Satanic circles is the claim, much repeated, that Satanism is not an anarchist worldview.

In one sense, of course, this is true. If you are responsible for yourself and the consequences of your actions, this is not compatible with an ‘anything goes’ view of Satanism.

Anarchy, however, is also used in a much more specific sense, as a political ideology.

Political anarchists believe that the state is the root of bad decision making in society. For example, historically states kill far more people than individuals.

Political anarchists therefore believe that individuals should take responsibility for themselves and the communities they are a part.

In this sense at least, I believe Satan is the ultimate political anarchist. Furthermore, a society set up on Satanic principles would have no use for a state.

This is of course my own personal belief, and do feel free to disagree!