“The Devil made me do it!” – personal responsibility and Satanism.

the devil made me do it

As Satanists we delve into the Dark side of our personality and the nature of reality. I believe this is healthy, leads to enlightenment, and builds a powerful personality with real impact in the world.

In order to do this, we need to feel able to express our Darkness with other Satanists, without feeling judged.

In Satanism, however, is ok if we ‘act out’ our Darkness?

So for example, I might feel like killing my teacher, but is it OK to actually kill her?

This is a more thorny issue.

I will not say what is right or wrong in any particular situation, that is for you. However as a Satanist, you must take responsibility for your actions, and this includes the consequences of your actions.

In my experience, when I have acted out my hate, rage or envy, the consequences have bounced back negatively on me.

Satan cannot, and will not, protect you from yourself!

Unfortunately in the gay and bisexual Satanic community, I see men engaged in self-destructive behavior, and claim they are doing it in the name of Satan!

Of course Satanism encourages you to go to the heart of your Evil. It is you, however, not Satan, who is responsible for what you do with it.

But there is a broader, and equally important point to make here.

If you think Satan has your best interests at heart, you are mistaken.

If you do not respect yourself, Satan will not respect you.

Satan should never be used to behave in ways you would otherwise believe to be wrong, and if you do, more than likely, it is you that will suffer.