The isolation of gay Satanists.

the isolation of the gay satanist

Practitioners of the Left Hand Path, throughout history, have been systematically persecuted.

The reason is very simple.

To empower yourself, which Satanism offers, is to disempower those who claim power over you: Religious, economic or government power.

Satanists are often perceived, and rightly so, as threats to established power structures.

As a consequence, Satanists have traditionally had to be very occulted (hidden) in their beliefs, for fear of persecution.

As a gay and bisexual community, we are very familiar, at least historically, with having to hide ourselves on the grounds of our sexual orientation. We also crave respectability and social acceptance from society and each other.

To be an ‘out’ gay or bisexual Satanist, therefore, is nearly impossible, at least in most parts of the world … and in some parts of the world it still might cost you your life!

The internet has started to change this.

Of course as Satanists we are still oppressed by service providers that delete our content, payment partners who wont accept our credit cards, and the ever present Christian and pedophile vigilantes that think they can, and should, police our activity, in the name of the social good.

All of these views are based on ignorance of what Satanism really is, so we still have a long way to go.

Despite these reservations, the internet has allowed us to be much more visible. The social isolation of gay and bisexual Satanic men is therefore starting to recede.

Join The Gay Satanic Brotherhood and make a stand for your religious freedom! You will help to chart a path and build a movement.

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