The rise of Satanism in the gay community.

gay-satanic-brotherhood-social-networkAs a long standing gay Satanist, it is true to say when I first started on my journey, there were very few resources and ways of contacting other gay or bisexual Satanists.

I was forced to turn to straight resources, and look for other gay Satanists in the hidden corners of the internet.

It was hard work!

But over many years I was able to connect with reliable Satanic men, and they have become my great friends and Brothers.

Due to the secretive nature of Satanism, and the perceived social taboo around the subject, it is understandable that gay Satanic men choose to remain in the shadows.

The Gay Satanic Brotherhood is here to help you with the knowledge you need, and the social support you also need, on the Left Hand Path to Him.

Fortunately it seems to be a timely development.

Interest in Satanism amongst gay and bisexual men seems to be exploding!

There are many reasons for this:

First is the failure of the established religions to support the gay community. Politicians, on the whole, have accepted and embraced the gay community, but o
ur religious organizations’ still seem trapped in the 20th Century.

Frustrated with the ongoing fight for equality in established religions, gay and bisexual men are increasingly looking elsewhere.

Second is the more general trend in society of all people, gay and straight, breaking free from established dogma, and pursuing their spiritual needs in increasingly diverse ways.rise of Satanism in the gay community 2

Meditation, yoga, Buddhism, Kabala and the New Age movement are all beneficiaries from this trend.

For those who can overcome their prejudice, Satanism is increasingly been seen as a viable alternative.

Third is Satanism, in contrast to all other religious belief systems, is positively pro sexuality. There is a reason for this: Satanism embraces our lust as a natural and normal part of the human experience.

Other religions, however grossly or subtly, try and rescue humanity from our ‘beastly desires’.

Having fought so hard to come out of the closet, LGBT people are understandably reluctant to be forced back in the closet in the name of religion.

We know our sexuality is not a problem, and look for a spiritual philosophy that positively embraces it.

Satanism does this beautifully.

rise of Satanism in the gay communityFourth is as a gay and bisexual community, we are finally coming out of the shadows of the HIV/AIDS crises of the 80’s and 90’s.

The new treatments are so effective, gay and bisexual HIV+ men can expect to live a relatively normal lifespan, and drastically reduce the risk of spreading the infection.

PrEP also offers the joys of bareback sex to gay and bisexual men who are HIV negative.

These two factors mean the community viral load in Western industrialized societies (and therefore risk of infection from HIV) is probably lower now that at any time in the epidemics history.

This has led to a renewed interest in sex and sexuality. Gay and bisexual men are experimenting more, and enjoying their bodies creatively, and with a newfound freedom.

As a Satanist I believe this is a good thing.

rise of Satanism in the gay community

Satanism, however, also offers you new ways to use your sexual energy, to build your personal power, and change your world through Satanic worship and Satanic Black Magic.

But what is Satanism?

rise of Satanism in the gay community