Theistic Satanism and the gay community.

theistic satanism gay satanic brotherhoodTheistic Satanism, on a first reading, appears to be the direct opposite of LaVey Satanism, in that followers generally believe in the person of Satan, His Demons, and the realm of Hell as existent in the world outside of oneself.

Furthermore Hell, the domain of Satan and His Demons, is a glorious and joyful place one ascends to upon death.

Theistic Satanism dates back to pre-history, and in that sense predates Christianity by many thousands of years.

The Demons of the Christian Bible were simply the Gods worshipped by the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Sumerians.  These are the entities worshipped by theistic Satanists today.

Traditionally the knowledge of these entities, and the powers they can be called upon to deliver to humanity, were transmitted, through the mystery schools of antiquity, only to those who were deemed worthy of receipt of such knowledge.

This tradition has continued through to modern times. This occulted, or hidden, knowledge, is retained only by a few select organizations and family bloodlines.

This knowledge is therefore not available to the general population, and what knowledge is available, is deliberately obscure and obfuscated.

The famous 20th Century occultist, Alistair Crowley, was particularly well known for writing in a way to confutheistaic gay satanistse: retaining the real information for his own, carefully selected, initiates.

This makes finding the truth in the published Satanic and occult material particularly problematic.

Fortunately there have been a number of gay and bisexual Satanic men who were raised in intergenerational Satanic families.

Over the years I have been lucky to find some of these men, and they have done me, and the gay Satanic community, a great service by sharing their knowledge with us.

As a community we owe these men a deep and ongoing debt of gratitude.

Theistic Satanism and Sexuality.

theistic satanismThe relationship between sexuality and theistic Satanism is more complicated than that of LaVey Satanism.

While sharing the intense pro-sexuality message of LaVey Satanism, theistic Satanists are particularly interested in the magical effects of sexuality.

Theistic Satanists understand the power of sexuality and orgasm, and are interested to use this power, in Black Magic and ritual, to manifest their will.

From a gay or bisexual point of view, ones exploration of theistic Satanism will necessarily be restricted in a straight coven.

Gay and bisexual men need to connect with each other in order to fully explore the sexual power of theistic Satanism.

theistic satanism