666 fetishism in the gay Satanic community.

666 fetishism gay satanic brotherhoodOver the years I have chatted to hundred of gay and bisexual guys with an interest in Satanism. A lot of these guys could be described as 666 fetishists.

In the serious Satanic gay community, 666 fetishists often get a bad press. The reason for this is simple. They engage you in conversation on Satanism, and before you know where you are, they are masturbating!

If you are interested in meeting men on the path to Him, this can sometimes be quite frustrating. But, it must be said, it can also be a turn on! I can be a 666 fetishist just like the next guy. Generally though I’m not interested in internet bates with guys I don’t know. I just politely end the conversation.

In my experience the 666 fetishists fall into several categories.

1. The Guilty Dabbler.

guilty satanist gay satanic brotherhood

This guy dips into the horny gay Satanic porn scene that’s now widely available. He indulges for a while, and then deletes his profiles from a sense of guilt and shame.

These men cause me concern in that there is no need to feel guilty about what turns you on. You are a man. You can do what you want!

I suggest you read this blog and form a more informed view of Satanism. Your guilt is often unwarranted and unnecessary.

However I am respectful of what Satan may invite you to see in yourself. You might not be ready to accept your Darkness at the moment. That may change in the future.

2. The Socially Isolated.

old man gay satanic brotherhood

Satanists tend to be socially isolated from each other, for obvious reasons – see earlier post. The socially isolated 666 fetishists, however, seem to be socially isolated more generally.

Often older men, they find in 666 fetishism a place to masturbate online, and at least get some sexual relief.

My suggestion to these men is you need to build a life in the real world.

I know rejection is hard, especially as you get older.

Wasting time masturbating online won’t help solve your problems.

If Satanism is a means to an end for you, become more aware of the opportunity costs of carrying on the way you are.

Come back to Satanism when you have a life and something to offer!

3. The Dedicated Satanic Fetishist.


These guy’s I have a lot of time for. They take their Satanism seriously, and often are looking for guidance on how to deepen their understanding of it.

Over the years I have spent many man hours helping and supporting men like this.

Unfortunately I find myself repeating the same basic advice. A lot of which you are reading on this blog!

If this describes you, you will feel your calling to Satan deeply.

This site is designed with you in mind. I hope you join us.

4. The Blasphemy 666 Fetishist.


This is a niche group of men who get turned on by desecrating the icons and rituals of Christianity.

There is a role for blasphemy in Satanic practice, but if you are stuck in a blasphemy 666 fetish, you might ask yourself why.

At one level, it might just get you off. If so that’s fine. At a deeper level you may be struggling to release yourself from a Christian past.

Beware though, what you resist persists, and I suggest you find a way to fully release yourself from your conditioning.

A properly constituted Satanic initiation is often the way forward.

5. The Sex Addicted.

666 sex addiction gay satanic brotherhood

What can I say!

We have all been there at some point.

Stop it!

But seriously, all that sexual energy you’re using up is simply disappearing.

You could be using it to manifest the things and people you need in your life. Chanel it through Satanic Sex Magic!

Learn how at the Gay Satanic Brotherhood!