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Remember what it was like when there were no serious gay Satanic sites?

We were stuck trying to connect on straight platforms, yahoo groups and even Tumblr.

Making the connections we need for our growth as Satanists, occultists and black magicians was time consuming and frustrating.

All that changed with the Gay Satanic Brotherhood, but we need your help …

Benefits of upgrading:


1. You will feel good knowing you are contributing to the gay, bisexual and trans Satanic community.

2. You will be proud to display the upgrade profile icon showing everybody your commitment to the movement.

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3. You will get access to the Satanic Initiation Course, and the tutorials, to develop and deepen your relationship with the Darkness.

4. The more brothers’ that upgrade, the quicker we can grow, which benefits all of us.


Premium 90 (non-recurring).

  • Save 25%.

  • Three months of access for only $22.97.

  • No on-going commitment.

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In life there are always those who take and do not give in return.

Don’t be one of those guys, upgrade now! ...


Don’t want to use a card? No Problem!

Use a Bank Transfer or Send Cash:  Talk to Volac

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Thanks for upgrading \m/

If you want to support the site over and above the membership fees, your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

You can make a one off or regular DONATION using the PayPal button below.

Thanks for your generosity.