What is Satanism?

Satanism-gay-satanic-brotherhoodSatanism is a loosely organized collection of beliefs and practices without dogma, orthodoxy or organized structure.

At the heart of all Satanic systems of belief is the importance of personal responsibility.

As a Satanist, it is expected that you follow your own path, and test your beliefs and practices in the world. It is expected that you retain what you find useful, and jettison what you find to be unhelpful.

Satanism can therefore be a lonely path. This is not a spiritual tradition of gurus.

This doesn’t stop people claiming to be gurus, of course. I suggest you take their advice, including my own, with caution!  Satanism is not a cult, or properly speaking, even a religion.

For example, on this site, I offer video tuition with supported materials including rituals, etc. I offer them to you as an experienced Satanist and Black Magician, simply as a summary of what I have found to work for me.

I sincerely hope they work for you too, but if they don’t, I hope they encourage you to find what ultimately works for you.

I am not your guru!

Your Grimoire

satanic-grimoire-gay-satanic-brotherhoodKeeping a diary of your learning, rituals and their results, is standard advice in Satanic circles.

Such a diary is traditionally called a grimoire.

Satanism is not based on blind faith.

As we are all different, what works for me, may not work for you. In this sense Satanism is scientific. You experiment, record the results, and amend future practice on the basis of those results.

Satanism does not require faith, as it is tested in reality: It therefore constitutes knowledge.

If you don’t keep a record of your progress in your grimoire, you will fail to learn from your workings. You will be condemned to make the same mistakes, and your understanding of the nature of your reality will stagnate.

There are two generally accepted approaches to Satanism.

LaVey Satanism


Theistic Satanism.

At face value they appear to be contradictory.

In the next three posts I will explore the history of both approaches to Satanism, and ask if there really is a contradiction between LaVey Satanism and theistic Satanism?

Is there really a contradiction between LaVey Satanism and theistic Satanism?