Yule message from Volac

gay satanic groupsThe winter solstice, or Yule, is an important point in the Satanic calendar.

Astrologically it is the point in the northern hemisphere where the sun has migrated south to its furthest extent. There it seems to hover for three days, before it begins its journey north. It is a moment which reflects the end of the old solar year, and the beginning of the new one.

Psychologically and emotionally, it is a moment to pause and reflect, on what has gone on before, and also to regroup our energies, as we move in to the new year.

Spiritually and magically, it has deeper allegorical significance, as the winter solstice represents spiritual death and rebirth. It may be a ‘dark’ time of year, but it also promises the opportunity to wake up again to the Luciferian light.

The Gay Satanic Brotherhood started in 2017 as a test of concept: was there enough interest in the Gay and Bi community for a site which takes Satanism, and Satanic Brotherhood, further than a sexual fetish?

The answer was a resounding yes!

So popular was the idea, we quickly exceeded 1000 members, we learned that many Brothers were not only keen, but they were starved of the knowledge they needed to progress on the Left Hand Path.

With the support and encouragement of so many Brothers, the site went into its chrysalis moment. We withdrew from the world, and reshaped our site architecture to reflect the needs of modern Brothers, and the range of technology they were using to access the site.

This was a moment of deep existential crises ... would the site live long enough to emerge from the chrysalis as a powerful new addition to the broader Satanic movement?

We now have a modern, fast and responsive architecture, and as we move into a new year, we are reborn into a new dynamic era for the Gay Satanic Brotherhood.

Our site now functions as our members expect and deserve.

We are again open for new Brothers, and the Coven, a secret area for Brothers of good standing, is also now open.

Brothers are still in need of information and guidance: as a community we have responded to this with a mentor scheme, and the forthcoming Satanic Initiation Course.

The Left Hand Path, of course, like a diamond, has many facets, and we continue to promote our mission of being a home for all Satanists, Luciferians, occultists and practitioners of the Dark Magical Arts.

To those Brothers who have been part of Gay Satanic Brotherhood’s birth: thank you! Together we have created something truly special.

To those who have not tried us yet (or tried us in the early months and found the site difficult to use or overly prudish), we offer you all a warm Yule invitation, to wake up to the Satanic Truth in 2018, and join us now, and be part of the Gay Satanic future.

Ave Satanas